Soft Drinks, Syrups and Juices

SAP Italy designs and builds plants for the preparation and production of soft drinks, syrup and juice, tea and other soft-drinks. Comprehensive plants specially designed for the beverage sector,  from the storage of sugar up to highly automated systems for the mixing in line and carbonation of soft drinks and water. The production goes through several stages, from the dissolution of sugar, until the preparation of the finished product passing from the dosing and mixing of water, concentrated, aromas and puree. Depending on the type of food to be produced, the plants SAP Italy for the realization of soft drinks, juices and syrups, employing processes deaeration, pasteurization and sterilization, with manual or automatic method
The soft drinks, syrups and juices production plants ensure the highest hygiene level, guarantee by the use of  high quality material  and a very deep study of it

  • Continuous-flow or batch dosing plants, high-efficiency continuous sugar dissolvers and powder mixers.
  • High precision continuous water-sugar mixing plant with de-aeration and homogenization systems for the final drink preparation.
  • Single or multi-stage micro-filtration groups.
  • Solutions for the storage of raw materials and final products.
  • Distribution systems for fillers feeding and other equipment.
  • Complete plant sanitization with CIP cleaning system.
  • Advanced control systems allow to flexibly monitor and manage programs, recipes and process phases.