Milk and Dairy Products

SAP Italia produces Comprehensive solutions for the treatment of milk and dairy products, from the arrival on site with milk tankers, up to the pasteurization  (HTST) or sterilization (UHT) and  storage /packaging.


  • In-line quantity measurement and dosing systems or weighing with prooved efficiency and self-controlled load cells.
  • Automatic auger systems to treat powders
  • Mixing is achieved with special dissolvers.
  • HTST pasteurizers (High Temperature, Short Time) for fresh milk production and dairy products.
  • UHT systems (Ultra High Temperature) for the aseptic sterilization of long shelf-life milk.
  • CIP units for plant cleaning and sanitization.
  • Plate or tubular heat exchangers for milk and dairy products heating and cooling.
  • Skid-mounted equipment: compact size and easy installation.
  • Complete automation for the plant control, data integration and parameters recording.
  • Comprehensive plants for dairy companies for the production of milk and other products (such as cheese, cream, mascarpone, …)