Eggs Products

Comprehensive systems of the highest quality for the treatment of eggs products, from shelling to  pasteurization, right up to the filling by linear or rotary fillers. Every detail is designed and implemented to ensure that the delicate properties of the end product are maintained


  • Compact size. The whole plant is installed on a single base with overall dimensions of 5.2×2.2 metres. The capacity is generally 500, 750 or 1000 litres per hour.
  • Flexible. The plant can process albumen and yolk as well as any type of egg product including special products such as mixes with salt or sugar.
  • Easy. The plant is very easy to run and requires a short training for the user. The maintenance is simplified in order to reduce the machine downtime.
  • Safe. SAP Italia plants comply with all the European Union regulations in matter of safety and food products hygiene. Before the shipment to the customer, they are tested in our factory to evaluate various operative conditions.
  • Precise. Even the most delicate products such as liquid egg are safely processed. The sophisticated control systems adjust and maintain with high accuracy the process parameters such as temperatures, pressures, flows.
  • Economic. The risk of the investment is minimum, the small capacity reduces the fixed costs, the compact size reduces the needed space, the configuration allows to produce any kind of liquid product to provide maximum flexibility.