Aseptic tanks

The aseptic tank Asepto-R of SAP Italia was designed and built for storage of liquid foods which have been undergone to sterility treatment by UHT process.

The main functions of sterile tank are:

  • Keeping the appropriate quality of stored product waiting for filling process
  • Maintaining sterility of product
  • Improving usage flexibility of production plant
  • Feeding one or more aseptic fillers

The aseptic tank Asepto-R is suitable for either low acid or high acid liquid food storage. Through the agitation system, the homogeneity of product has maintained also in presence of pulp or particles.

The Asepto-R CIP integrated plant completes the supply, making the aseptic tank independent and avoiding eventual contamination coming from external units.

The Control and supervising system developed by SAP Italia is user-friendly, reliable and manages automatically all the production and CIP phases;. Every variable and phase is recorded on a MMC. Datas are exportable in .CSV files. The maintenance software helps customer in keeping valves and filters monitored and suggests when to check and maintain these devices.


High Automation Level

Easy and quick maintenance

Integrated CIP plant

Customized solution


User-Friendly software